Psychopedagogical Association



For members

It is our members who make our organisation full of professionals doing their work to the highest standard.

As a membership organisation we provide services in the form of support, counselling, supervision, courses, therapeutic and educational materials. We also support students in their career and development by enabling them to gain experience, publish academic and popular science texts and articles.

Membership possibilities

Special certificate

Practising members of the Psychopedagogical Association can use our exclusive registered degrees as proof of meeting high standards of membership. 

*Eligibility criteria apply. 

Membership Portal 

Opportunity to log in to the Member Portal where you can converse with other professionals. Exchange experiences or use the organisation's internal library.


Members of our organisation must comply with our Code of Ethics. Practising members must work within their scope of practice. 

Changes in membership 

Members must renew their membership annually by the end of June. 

Members may apply for a leave of absence from membership for reasons such as parental leave, extended travel or serious illness. 

Members can apply for a membership upgrade once they have met the relevant criteria.